Good Morning Gorgeous - Just This Side of Fabulous

Good Morning Gorgeous is a world wide campaign designed to encourage and inspire beauty and hope from the inside out.  Beauty and feeling gorgeous is a positive energy that is built from the inside out.

Good Morning Gorgeous - Just This Side of Fabulous

Nov 4 | Posted by: Dale Smith Thomas |

Hello Gorgeous Friends, 

Here I am back to the blog and I am excited to share here again. Between writing Motivational Monday, finisihing a new book and being on the road my time has been very "in demand." But, regardless of the time demands I have I want to be able to share here with all of you on a more consistent basis, even if it's just a thought or a paragrpah or two. Just an idea that might inspire you. I feel honored and blessed that you are visiting my site and this blog. 

The photo in this picture is of Chuck, one of my audience members a few weeks ago at the Smokey Mountain Criminal Justice Event. When I asked Chuck that evening before our event how he was this is how he responded, "I'm just this side of fabulous." I just loved it and told him so. He heard some of the ladies who have heard me speak before saying, "Hello Gorgeous" to me and he told me that he tells his wife that every day. Chuck totally made my day.

It's so easy to get caught up in the demands and frustration of life and to only focus on what is not going right. How did you respond today when someone asked you how you were doing? Were you just this side of fabulous? 

Our energy is fed by the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the people that we choose to surround ourselves with. Each one of these choices are 100% in your control. We don't have 100% control over very many things in life but we have total control over these 3 things.

Let's follow Chuck's lead today and this weekend and be either Fabulous or just this side of Fabulous. 

I am excited to beheaded to Newport Beach to speak for the Rise Up For You Conference this weekend so I am totally fabulous. Have an amazing weekend !! 

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