Heroes and Hope

Good Morning Gorgeous is a world wide campaign designed to encourage and inspire beauty and hope from the inside out.  Beauty and feeling gorgeous is a positive energy that is built from the inside out.

Well, here we are at the end of August but I wanted to share with all of you some very important lessons that I learned at the end of July. 

My son posted something at the end of June on Instagram that said, " Welcome to the end of June, you have reached the 7th level of Jumanji."  i actually lauged because I knew what that meant because I had just watched the movie. It's the one with The Rock and trust me if you haven't seen it, it's worth watching.  Honestly at the end of July that is how I felt. I felt like i had passed all the tests and hit LEVEL 7 . In February my father got sick, March Covid hit, April all of my speaking engagements were cancelled, May my father passed away, June, my father in law passed away and in July my son got married during a pandemic. At the end of July, I was DONE!   IT WAS ALOT .. I’m the motivational speaker.. I’m supposed to have the tools to roll through this but “this” space we are in we have never been in before. 

I just want to say to you.. I don’t know what you have personally been through but we have all been affected by this pandemic and every person that we are all dealing with in our live has also been affected.

This quick blog is just a simple reminder. When my son said that about Level 7. I stopped and asked myself what was the story, what was the real truth behind that movie. Well, it was really simple, ”You can be a hero at any phase of your life as long as you are still alive.”

 Yes, that was it for the moive. They could be heroes as long as they stayed alive and so can we. Each day we wake up and see the light of day it's a blessing and a gift. So I have a new definition of Hero.. It's this ..Helping Everyone Realize Opportunity.

Each day we wake up we have the power to be the hero in our own lives. We have the power to help someone else recognize opportunity. We are having to do it different but different is not always bad,  it's just different. 

 So, here's the question. Are you so focused on what you don't have right now and you are not recognizing new opportunity? I know that is how it was for me. I was so focused on losing the dates on my calendar it was hard to see possiblity. But, after adjusting my mindset I started to see things that I would have never seen before and never had time for before. 

I am working with my friend Tracey Bregman to create a new show and some new products that will encourage work and learning for the "soul." 

 I am writing and creating and with a heavy travel schedule that wasn't possible. 

I am excited to announce my 1st live gig is coming back in early September. I am speaking for a group fo nurse's in Orlando. Talk about HEROES!!

So, even if you feel like you have hit LEVEL 7's just an opportunity to be your own HERO!!  Let's Do it !! 

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