Good Morning Gorgeous - Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Good Morning Gorgeous is a world wide campaign designed to encourage and inspire beauty and hope from the inside out.  Beauty and feeling gorgeous is a positive energy that is built from the inside out.

Good Morning Gorgeous - Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Happy July !  I just realized that with my "in demand" schedule I have not been diligent in keeping up with this blog. I write a newsletter each week and have not made the time to share some additional thought and ideas on this page. I am changing that, starting today ! 

This week I am challenging all of you to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone ! This past weekend I did just that! My step out of my comfort zone was nothing major, in fact it was very simple and to many people it may seem very silly that it's even out of my comfort zone. I took the Cold Water Challenge for Charity. My Nerium AD family challenged me to have a bucket of ice water dumped over my head and to make a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate being cold more than just about anything so even the thought of "cold" water makes me cold. :) But, I did it. My son Nick was happy to slowly pour a bucket filled with ice and water over my head. Yes, a silly step out of my comfort zone but it was a step indeed! 

There are many small ways to break out of your comfort zone. One of my friends that is not comfortable in new situations took the step and attended a networking event last week. She later told me that her dread of being in that situation was so unfounded. She actually enjoyed the event and made some new contacts.

Take a note from my friend, Jen. Do something as simple as connecting  with people that inspire you, or volunteer with an organization that does great work. Travel, whether you go around the block or across the globe. Today, just do something different. Change up your routine and see the world from a different perspective. 

You will be glad you did !!  

Go Out and Make It a Great Day !

I'll see you back here very soon !  Dale  

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