Never To Late To Follow Your Dreams

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Never To Late To Follow Your Dreams

Jun 1 | Posted by: Dale Smith Thomas |

Happy June to all of you ! Here is today's Motivational Monday. If you would like to receive it each Monday Sign Up on the Home Page. Along with the great story about Sandra that I share below I had the honor of sharing the platform with Lisa Rambo that is in this picture with me. Lisa was on the Biggest Loser and has an amazing story of following her Dreams. Check her out at Losing It With Lisa!  Hope you enjoy Motivational Monday ! 

Welcome to Motivational Monday !  

I hope your week is off to a great start. I have just returned from Panama City Beach where I had the honor of being the opening Keynote Speaker for the Chamber of Commerce's Women's Business Symposium. It was an absolutely amazing day. I have just added everyone to our Motivational Monday list and I welcome you to our newsletter. 

I opened the conference on Friday morning. Usually when I am the morning speaker I am back on a plane very quickly but due to flights that were available I had the rare chance of spending the day hearing other speakers and being part of the event. Thank you to Catherine Collins and Lance Allison and everyone at the Chamber that made it such a spectacular day!

When I have the rare chance to actually be part of a conference I get the wonderful opportunity to meet people and hear their stories. Friday I had the honor of meeting a very special woman who graduated from Law School in 2013 and is starting to practice Law. Her name is Sandra Wilson and she had such a beautiful spirit and energy. One of the reasons this story is so special is that Sandra graduated from Law School at Age 70 and started practicing Law at age 72 !!!  I really wish I had been able to learn more about her personal story but she directed me to a news article that was written about her.

Sandra had been married for 47 years and raised 3 children when she decided to go back to school. She started leaning toward law school as she finished her undergraduate degree at Florida State  in 2009.

She attended Law School at Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL and lived by herself for the first time in her life. As a young woman she had gone from living with her parents to living with her husband. She was in Montgomery and away from her family for 3 years as she attended law school. She said it was an adventure to live away from her family. " It was amazing doing things that were foreign to me."

There are so many things I love about this story that can inspire us all. Here are some Life Lessons for us all inspired by Sandra!


1.) It's Never To Late To Follow Your Dreams 

Your age is a number on your drivers license and the only way it can stop you from following you dream is if you decide to let it stop you!  believe that our dreams and desires can take many years to truly form into something that resembles our true path, and I’m not sure that this process ever really ends unless we allow it to— which would be such a terrible shame. 
When we grow older, our goals and dreams should really, by virtue of our life experiences, seem more attainable. It is a pity that age is seen as something of a restriction; and that we adopt this belief through our own perceptions of what other’s view as acceptable for us. It’s time to take full responsibility for our own existence and to have complete respect for our dreams, at whatever stage of life we are in.

2.) If you Risk Nothing, You Risk Everything

Starting a business, going back to school, deciding to get married, and the list goes on are all "risky." We don't know for sure when we begin these new adventures how they will end. But, we know for sure if we don't start where it will end. It takes courage to find the strength from within to follow your own inner voice and vision and take a step into the unknown. It's especially hard if others don't understand or support your personal dream. Courage will be the fuel that takes you to the next step when it's hard and you're not sure if you will ever accomplish your goal . I love this quote and I hope you will remember it as you dig deep to follow your dreams. 
Mary Anne Radmacher says that “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’.”


3.) Find A Support Team  

As I was reading the newspaper article about Sandra I smiled at this quote by her husband.  “We had been married for 47 years and she put up with me,” he said. “If she was going to go, I was going to support her to the very end." I just love that ! If you are following a goal or dream I encourage you to stay away from the "Dream Stealers." What are Dream Stealers? A dream stealer is someone who makes subtle suggestions that cause you to doubt yourself, give-up or not even want to try in the first place. Dream stealers have the attitude ‘that’s not a good idea’, ‘that won’t work’, and ‘that will never happen’. Find dream builders in your life like Sandra did with her husband. Dream builders know you have the ability and they hold you accountable and support you. 
Dream builders are the people that are going to encourage you to play a bigger game, they are going to support you when the going gets tough, and they will be there to catch you when you fall and promptly get you back up again. We all need dream builders in our lives, so when you start to play a bigger game, look out for them and spend the majority of your time with them.


I hope Sandra's story has inspired you. I truly believe you are never really given a dream or goal that you don't have the ability to fulfill. I encourage you to dig deep into your soul and listen to your inner voice and let it guide you to pursue and live your biggest dreams. Thank you Sandra for being such an inspiration to me!

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