Motivational Monday April 28, 2020 Finding Comfort in Discomfort

Good Morning Gorgeous is a world wide campaign designed to encourage and inspire beauty and hope from the inside out.  Beauty and feeling gorgeous is a positive energy that is built from the inside out.

Here is my Motivational Monday for this week. "Uncertainty is an opportunity for us to have a great transformation in our souls."  I am going to use this uncertainty to lead to a geat transformation in my soul. I am going to embrace my discomfort and intentionally learn through this process. Hope this message is helpful to you.


Thank you for joining me this week on Motivational Monday. Last week I was in Mississippi because my 85 year old father had been rushed to the hospital. He has now been diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia and a possible light stroke. It has been a difficult time for our family. Thanks to all of you that are on my social media and saw my message and have been praying for him. He has been there a little over a week and he is a little better the past few days. Anyone that has had family in the hospital recently knows how hard it is when you can’t see them. We are blessed that one of our family friends is his doctor. It’s all the healthcare workers that are giving our loved ones hope during this very difficult time. We can never say thank you enough for that sacrifice. Please keep him in your prayers.


Because he is more stable now, I am back in Nashville. I am still adjusting to this new way of business life. I am trying to find new and creative ways to continue to share my messages and I will admit it is not easy. It’s truly pushing me out of my comfort zone into the world of technology where I am not really confident. Isn’t that what growth is all about? Growth is never about comfort, it’s about change. It’s being willing to step into the unknown and try something new, even if you think you are not good at it. So, I am stepping into the technology world and I am reaching out to different podcasts to get booked as a guest. I am recording short videos for The Hope Doctors, adding videos to my YouTube Channel and collaborating with other creatives about new material. I am discussing with clients how to share messages to their teams virtually. None of this is comfortable for me. Just reaching out to these shows and asking to be a guest is not comfortable for me. This past week, after hearing the podcast I recorded and the podcast where I was a guest, I realized (after they posted) my sound was not good. My ceilings in my office are too tall and it sounds like I’m talking in a cave. Now I’m learning about microphones and lights and I’m still lost. I have been so focused all of these years about creating the “human” touch out on the road that I’ve lost touch with all the latest and greatest technology. But, with all of the uncertainty, there have also been beautiful moments. This morning I was interviewed on a wonderful podcast from the UK. Gillian was so great because the big fancy microphone that I just knew was perfect, was not sounding great and she simply asked if I had headphones to plug into the computer. I did and I learned something, again. But, despite the learning curve, it is just amazing to sit in my office and share ideas with people in other parts of our country and the world. I have done this before, of course, but not like this where I have no other way to reach out. As I talked to this delightful woman in the UK this morning, we discovered so many common ideas and hopes and dreams. Thank you Gillian Duncan at The Clarity Junction for your beautiful work in this world.


I really don’t think any of us LOVE uncertainty and love having our way of life totally interrupted, as it has been during this pandemic. Most of us have been able to find the blessings in it, but it still isn’t easy. I found myself starting to just be paralyzed because I was so out of my comfort zone. I am not great at asking for help, but I am learning. The more I lean into this uncertainty and find comfort in the discomfort, the more I discover about myself and everything else.


It’s very easy not to want to try new things until you feel that you are “good at it.” I read recently a statement that totally spoke to me. It said emotionally intelligent people don’t set perfection as a target because they know that there’s no such thing as a perfect decision in an uncertain situation. Wow. Isn’t that the truth?


We have to all give ourselves a break and recognize there is only so much we can do right now. That does not make us powerless, it makes us human. Things will unfold. Things will change, again. In the meantime, the way we treat ourselves is in our control, so let’s be kind to ourselves and others.


I always talk about mindfulness, but that should be our number one goal right now. Be mindful. Be mindful of how you feel, be mindful about the people you love and how they are coping, be mindful of your thoughts. If you obsess about a tomorrow you can’t control, you are too busy judging what hasn’t happened yet to fully experience what is happening right now. We miss the beauty of the moment when we are trapped in fear about the discomfort of tomorrow. My sweet Momma and I have had this conversation many times over the past few weeks about my Daddy.


So here it is in bullet points if you are struggling through this uncertainty.


1.) Find comfort in the discomfort. You are growing and changing. Make it a change that can improve your life in the future.

2.) Don’t set perfection as a target in uncertain times. Be willing to take the risk and try something new, even if it isn’t perfect.

3.) Not knowing what to do right now doesn’t make you powerless, it makes you human. Treat yourself with kindness.

4.) Be Mindful!! Be in this moment and don’t obsess about what “could happen” tomorrow. Find beauty in the moments of today!


Click on this link to hear interview that I talked about where my microphone was not great. Bob did a great job as an interview host and I loved sharing the time with him. There are so many great podcasts out there to encourage and inspire us. Now more than ever we have that time to feed our souls. I am also including this link to my podcast interview with my friend and country music legend,  Pam Tillis. I loved sharing this time with Pam just before the stay at home order. She has a new album that is amazing. Check it out at her official Pam Tillis Website. 


This message I wrote today was truly for me. LOL .. I hope someone else out there really can benefit from it also. I am being really vulnerable with all of you right now and letting you know I really have to lean in and embrace these messages right now. I am stepping out there knowing that so many of these things I am trying now won’t be perfect but, it doesn’t mean they can’t be effective.


Thank you for being on this journey with me.




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