Motivational Monday

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Motivational Monday

Welcome to Motivational Monday !  

Good Morning from Birmingham, Alabama on this "Motivational Tuesday" :)

I have been on the road since last Wednesday and was in Nashville just a little over 36 hours.  I'm excited to be headed to East, TN and speak for the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce Breakfast tomorrow. In February, we had to cancel due to a snow storm. If you are in the East, TN area I hope you will join us.

I wanted to share an article today that I thought was amazing. I continue to read and study about the power of our thoughts and how those thoughts direct so much of our lives. Your thoughts reflect your belief about yourself and about your life. Those thoughts lead to the actions that you take.  Many times I think we try and force ourselves into a positive thought such as, " I know I can achieve this goal" but deep down your core belief in yourself is one of doubt and uncertainty.  When your thoughts and beliefs are conflicting it's like a computer that gets frozen with conflicting commands. Your life can get stuck. I encourage you to challenge those core beliefs about yourself and start to believe in your God given talent and ability.

I think this article has some great suggestions. We are encouraged daily to "choose" good food for our bodies and I believe it's even more important to "choose" good thoughts for our lives. 

Choose Your Thoughts Well - Jo-Ann Downey

How many thoughts do you have each day?   Should you believe everything you think?  Can your very own thoughts sabotage you?  How can you have more positive thoughts?

Number of Thoughts per Day
It is estimated that we have between 12,000- 60,000 thoughts per day.  This range is attributed to factors such as your level of creativity, personal and professional problem solving requirements, whether you tend to be a thinker, and your career.   At an average of 36,000 thoughts per day, we have a thought every 2.5 seconds.  What a great opportunity to fill your day with positive thoughts!

Train of Thought
Thoughts tend to build upon each other.  It is not likely that after having a thought like “this is not going well”, that you would have the thought “things are in harmony.”  Thoughts, positive or negative, connect to each other like compartments of a train- they pull each other along in the same direction.
Watch your thoughts and get on the positive thought-train going in a positive direction. Once you are on the train, stay on it for as long as you can.  You have complete power over your thoughts, so why not get on the best train as often, and for as long, as you can? It’s your choice.

Thoughts and Results
We navigate our lives, take action, and make decisions based on our thoughts; however, we unconsciously think and do things throughout most of the day. In many ways, this is a good thing.  For example, it would not be effective or efficient to learn how to drive each time you get into your car. 
On the other hand, being on cruise control, or living without conscious intention, may cause you to drive yourself into a ditch!  Your relationship with yourself and others may not be as harmonious as you would like.  Or perhaps your results and outcomes may not be as optimal as you would like.

Since thoughts precede every action, and action determines results…choose your thoughts well. 
“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

Thoughts and Emotions

Since thoughts and feelings reinforce each other, the more peaceful your thoughts, the more peaceful your feelings and vice versa. You are more likely to make better decisions if you are at peace.  If you are not sure of what you are thinking, pay attention to how you are feeling.

How to Cancel Negative Thoughts: Cancel, Cancel Technique
The goal is to increase the quantity of positive thoughts throughout your day- every day.  If you have a negative thought firmly and gently say “cancel, cancel” silently to yourself.  If your first thought is negative or judgmental, why not give yourself the opportunity to have a second thought?

Some techniques use a single “cancel”, or“stop”, or “no more.”   I like “cancel, cancel” because it shows that I mean business, it does not potentially delay or judge your current thought, and it doesn’t give unnecessary power to your thought.

I learned many years ago to start "questioning" some of the thoughts of doubt that I was choosing.  I realized that I had to stop and evaluate where thoughts were orginating. We will all have moments of doubt all of our lives but the question is how much "air time" will you give those thoughts? It's truly up to you.

Make it a great week!



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