How to manage when the World is in Time Out !

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How to manage when the World is in Time Out !

March 19, 2020 - How to Manage When The World Is In Time Out 


Hello Gorgeous Friends..


As you can see here on my website I have not done a good job with keeping up with this blog. I remember being told by my friend Lang that it was a full time job keeping up with a blog and wow was that the truth. I truly meant to write here much more often but then my schedule got extremely busy and I barely had time to switch suitcases when I was home

,much less write this blog.


But, now here I am staying home to stay safe and keep others safe and figuring out new ways to reach out to all of you. I have time now, that is for sure. So, this page along with my new podcast will be the way I reach out to all of you. Thank you for joining me here and believing in me and this message that I share. 


It is truly hard to believe how it seems in an instant the world has changed. Life as we knew it has been suspended. The worldwide pandemic has created something this generation has never seen. We have all been asked here in the United States to socially distance ourselves from others while in others parts of the world it is mandated. No more happy hours with friends, no more congregating for church, no more dinners out on Friday night, no more concerts or movies or attending workshops, and for many not going to work. We have been halted. For me, it not only effects my social life but my business has been stopped in its tracks. There are no speakers being hired because there are no groups that are joining together to meet. We are forced to take a time out, to be still and to do it alone and with our small groups of family and friends. If you have ever met me you know the hardest part for me is not hugging the people that I do see. But, as I have always said and believed we can either GO through this or we can grow through it. We can’t change what is happening around us but we can change how we react to what is happening.


I spend 80% of my speaking engagements in Healthcare and I want to say to everyone in Healthcare how much we appreciate you and pray for you as you are trying to help save lives. 


It seems I have been presented with the message about personal control the past month and a half. Over and over I have had situations where the only thing I could control was my response to things I couldn't control. 


Just a few weeks before the virus got out of control, I had just been shocked by the corruption of my hard drive on my Mac. Everything I had was on that computer, my books, my speeches, my contacts and all of my research. Needless to say it was a moment of panic. I was in tears, couldn’t breathe and couldn’t even begin to think about the reality of that truth. I had honestly just stated a few weeks before I had to get my computer backed up. However, I got busy and didn’t do it. The truth is we are never to busy it’s just the priorities that we choose. I did not make it a priority. I went to Apple, I went to a local computer company who recommended a company in Wisconsin that had a 98% rate of recovery.


So, I did everything I knew to do and waited for the call. The call came and they said they couldn’t recover anything. Again, shocked but still not giving up. I am continuing to search for another company to look at it. But honestly,  now after 3 weeks and still no recovery I have slowly started to accept that maybe it won’t be recovered. Lessons in many ways. First of all, back up everything. The second lesson that I kept hearing in my soul was that I needed to start fresh. I had files and files of research on that computer. I had speech notes and ideas and 2 new books. I had contacts and contracts. I had EVERYTHING. As I just stepped back and accepted that maybe it was gone I realized that I was being lead to dig deep within and write from a different place not just take up where I left off. I was hearing in my soul that the things I needed would either be in my email or I would find them.  


The one thing I had felt the most heartache over was a fiction book that I have been working on for over a year and a half. I was so happy with my characters and how this story had developed. I didn’t feel like I was writing it, I felt it was coming through me. I could see the book unfolding in my mind and I was just writing it down. I was so happy with the character dialogue and I knew deep down I could not recreate that in the same way. It made me feel sick. However, at the same time I kept having this deep feeling like the content was not lost. I thought it meant I would recover my hard drive and so when one of the major companies in the country told me they couldn’t get anything, I was shocked. So, I went to the place I always go when I can’t get answers.. I went within. I reach out to God, the Universe, my inner guides, my intuition, my inner voice, all at the same time. We all have that place and you can call it  whatever feels good to you. It’s my safe place and  I went there. Each day I start early around 5 a.m. with a meditation, reading and journaling time. It’s my time to be still and listen. During my quiet time last week I heard in my soul these words, “Your fiction book is on a Zip drive.”


At first, I was confused at what I was hearing and I was journaling what I was hearing so I went back and reread it. I heard it again  and then instantly I remembered. At one point I had printed the book out just so I could actually see the manuscript and I had forgotten about it. In my memory, It was just a part of the book but not the majority of the book but I was desperate for anything. So, I heard in my soul and I wrote down that I would be directed to the that Zip drive. Let me tell you this, the chance of me finding a Zip drive in my house or office is almost zero to none. I knew that if I had printed that book out that Zip drive had been dropped back in some purse, somewhere or in my car. All of my purses are like black holes and you are brave to ever reach in them. I knew it was months and months ago and that Zip drive could be in one of a hundred places.  I was ready to have my niece that works with me start tearing my office apart, looking in every purse and spending hours the next day looking for this zip drive. I had no idea what it looked like or where to start. But, in my quite time I had heard that I would be told where to look. After I wrote all of that down I just let it rest in my soul  and went on about my day. I was setting up this iPad that I am writing on now and starting to dig through my emails for any documents I could start saving. 


Later in the day while I was working in my office I heard in my soul to look in my office closet. I honestly laughed out loud because my office closet is a joke. I think I probably said out loud, “Yeah Right.” I have things EVERYWHERE !!!  My niece and I had started an office reorganization the week before and we had not made a lot of progress. But, I followed the direction, even though it seemed ridiculous,  and went to my office closet and there on the edge of the shelf was a High Heel zip drive in it’s case. Yes, you read that right. It’s a high heel Zip drive that my son had ordered for me from China. It was all together in it’s box. He had bought me several of them so I instantly thought this was one we had not used yet. Because in my head there was no way I would have put that Zip drive back in it’s container and put it back in that closet. But, I followed the impulse and ask my husband to open his computer so I could check the Zip drive. I opened that Zip drive and almost fell out of my chair. It was there. I had thought there would only be a small portion of it but there were 200 pages of the book on the Zip drive. NO, my edits are not there or the new material I had created after that time but the basics of the book are there. The parts I was so scared of losing are there. I was floored and excited and challenged all at the same time. I was in tears of gratitude that I decided to follow that impulse and look for that Zip drive. 


My inner voice. My inner guidance knew what to do to deliver that back to me. Honestly it’s the only thing on the hard drive that I thought about over and over. Oh, I had thought about one other thing and it was a workshop I created for leaders and the workbook I had put together. I did not know how I would recreate it other than retype it from the copy that I had in my office. Yes, it’s also there on that same Zip drive.  


What is the lesson? The lesson is pay attention. The lesson is get quiet so you can hear. The lesson is take this time away from all of the noise and tune into your soul.  If I had been so consumed with only the thoughts about my loss,  I would have never found this Zip drive. If I had been so consumed with what happened and how it happened I would have never found my book. We don’t know how it got corrupted. It does not matter. Those are questions that have no answers and are a total waste of energy. If we ask why this virus has happened it’s a total waste of energy and time. When we focus on things that have no answer we give away our energy and our resources of finding the answers we need. 


When things go wrong and sometimes terribly wrong we have to stop asking WHY is this happening and ask WHAT. What can I do right now? What we can do is follow the guidelines of safety we are being given even if it’s not fun or comfortable. We can look at this as an opportunity to learn something new, create some deeper relationships through phone calls, emails, FaceTime or social media. We can have game night or movie night with our close family and friends. We can create a new normal. 


It seems that the world has been put in time out. Why do coaches call time outs in sports? They call time out when the game has gotten out of control. They pause and readjust. Let’s take this opportunity of time out and make it into something powerful and purposeful. 


I know that people are hurting and without jobs right now. As I said, my work is totally stopped. I don’t have speaking engagements right now but I am going to use this time to find creative new ways to inspire and deliver hope. Your inner voice, your inner wisdom and guide will direct you where you need to go. You just have to truly get quiet, listen and TRUST what you hear. Don’t dismiss it. 


Thank you for taking the time to let me share this message with you. Now, I have to figure out how to get it from this IPad to the website. Pray for me ..LOL


My prayers are with all of you and to all us in this great big world. May be shine our light in this time of darkness. Be kind to each other. Encourage each other and lift each other up.


Follow me on Social Media, especially Instagram for uplifting messages daily and within the week my first episode of my new Podcast, “The Hope Doctors” will be uploaded. 


Love and Light,


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