Hello 2017 !

Good Morning Gorgeous is a world wide campaign designed to encourage and inspire beauty and hope from the inside out.  Beauty and feeling gorgeous is a positive energy that is built from the inside out.

Welcome to 2017 !!  I hope that you are truly ready to make 2017 a powerful, purposeful year !!  So many people I have talked to had a really challenging 2016. I agree with my friend, Les Brown, it was a "character building" year in many ways. 

The only way to move foward and truly make 2017 the best is to do exactly what this picture shows, kick 2016 out. You have to let go of what didn't work. You have to forgive and move on. You have realize that anything that didn't serve you in 2016 was just the tuition for the lesson that was learned. Learn the lesson and move forward. 

2016 is in your rear view mirror. 2017 is in front of you waiting for you and the choices you will make to create the life you want. It's time. It's now. You 365 days of the book of your life in 2017 ahead of you. You are holding the pin in your hand, what will you create? 

We are expanding in 2017. My team has set a goal to reach 100,000 people with empowerment in 2017. We are launching a new podcast, a new book, a GMG Tour and so much more. Stay tuned in with our website and all of our social media. Be part of our Tribe in 2017 !!  

Cheers and Blessings to you in 2017 !!   Dale 

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