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The Power of Choice!

Dale Smith Thomas has a message of success and choice for your audience, as well as an empowering, engaging style that will challenge your organization to make changes that will take them to a new level, both personally and professionally!

For more than 17 years, Dale Smith Thomas has been empowering, educating and daring audiences to make choices to be their personal best in all areas of their life. Her down-to-earth, real approach has audiences walking away with information they can use immediately.

Dale's powerful and direct message has been shared around the globe to audiences in all walks of life. Industries from Insurance, Healthcare, Direct Sales, Financial, Entertainment and more have been inspired and encouraged by Dale's effective message.

Dale knows how to connect to the head and heart of each audience and engages them with success keys that empower them to make choices that will make them champions.

Described as an "unapologetic optimist" Dale's energy and messages are captivating and will leave your audience making choices to win in every area of their lives.

Whether you hire Dale for 1 hour or for one of  her ½ day or 1 day "Boot Camps" here are a few of the key ideas you can expect your audience to learn how to.....

•   Choose a "Victory" language daily that will help you meet challenges and manage change. 
•   Cultivate a "vision" of success
•   Alter negative attitudes and develop an  "I can" belief
•   Identify problems but empower solutions
•   "Ask" for what you want in your life
•   Change your results by investing 30 minutes a day
•   Reclaim the joy and peace in your life

Dale Smith Thomas  - "Challenging You To Make Winning Choices In All Areas Of Your Life"

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